How to use the passport data validation tool?

See this short video to learn the basics:

Validated columns

Only the following MCPD columns will be checked for taxonomic data: GENUS, SPECIES, SPAUTHOR, SUBTAXA, SUBTAUTHOR.

Geo tests require DECLATITUDE, DECLONGITUDE and ORIGCTY for country border check.

Other columns will be included in the output, but not processed.

Submit data for validation

1. Copy-paste data from Excel:

Select the range of cells (including headers) in Excel and paste the data in to the textbox.

2. Configure CSV settings

Separator character:

The separator character in CSV separates "columns".

Escape character:

If the quote character is used in column text, it must be escaped: "This is: a \"column\""

Decimal mark:

A decimal mark is a symbol used to separate the integer part from the fractional part of a number. PI is 3 [decimal-mark] 14159.

3. Other options

Options below are specific to validators, try them out.

Flag non-current taxa:

4. Preview or Download

Tick the box if you want to download results as CSV file. Leave unticked to see results in the browser.