How to use the passport data validation tool?

See this short video to learn the basics:

Validated columns

Only the following MCPD columns will be checked for taxonomic data: GENUS, SPECIES , SPAUTHOR, SUBTAXA, SUBTAUTHOR:

Geo tests require DECLATITUDE, DECLONGITUDE and ORIGCTY for country border check and suggested coordinate fixes.

Other columns will be included in the output, but not processed.

Submit data for validation

1. Copy-paste data from Excel

Select the range of cells (including headers) in Excel and paste the data in to the textbox.

2. Configure CSV settings

Separator character

The separator character in CSV separates "columns".

Escape character:

If the quote character is used in column text, it must be escaped: "This is: a \"column\""

Decimal mark:

A decimal mark is a symbol used to separate the integer part from the fractional part of a number. PI is 3 [decimal-mark] 14159.

3. Other options

Options below are specific to validators, try them out.

Flag non-current taxa:

4. Preview or Download

Tick the box if you want to download results as CSV file. Leave unticked to see results in the browser.